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MK Kilmarnock
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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Jerry's eyebrow twitched. If there was a stabbing for every time these fuckers told him some derivative of 'calm down' or 'chill out', there would be two very, very dead kids on the floor right about now.

No, no. He had self control. He had to show responsibility with the knife. Be the knife. Know the knife. Don't brutally murder his classmates with the knife unless it was totally warranted. "Okay. You tell me to calm down again, I will ACTUALLY kill you," Jerry growled. Alright, well, that could have gone better, but at least he gave them a warning, right? Anything that happened from here on in was clearly their fault. The court would probably see it that way, too.


"You want to go upstairs? Fine by me. It's honestly creeping me out a little bit, standing here." Jerry took a step down. "Uuuuuh, maybe get out of my way. You're not smelly or anything, just... y'know. Death game. Don't want you getting too close to me." Jerry flicked the knife to the side, motioning Brendan to maybe probably just a bit give him some goddamn space.

"I'll probably follow you up if nobody murders you."
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