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"Oh, cool," Lili remarked, "You found a pencil. I'm guessing they took all of your writing stuff too, so you found that somewhere around here?" Lily was making two separate lists of people, "Players" and "Victims", but neither could be filled at the moment. They had far too little information to be able to do that kind of thing yet. She was probably waiting for tomorrow's announcements.

Lili remembered the shoes in her backpack, and wondered if she could show them to Lily. Would she recognize who they belonged to? How angry would she be that she had kept a secret from her? No, the risk was too great, Lili decided. She'd find out anyway, come morning.

"Who do you think we should watch out for?" Lili asked, "As far as potential players go, that is." She wanted to make it clear to Lily that she was on her side, the light side of the force. She carried around a purple light saber, which was undefined in its alignment, but she was certainly not a member of the Sith. Lili took her lighter out of her pocket and tossed it lightly up and down in the air. She needed to keep her reflexes sharp at a time like this. The second she stepped out of the building, someone violent could be waiting. Heck, someone violent could come through the door right now, barge in and shoot them both.

Lili looked up at the entrance, and did not look away for a long time.
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