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Well, fuck you too, buddy.

Brendan just thought of that suddenly. It kind of surprised him to think of swearing back at Jerry. He was relieved that he didn't say it. It would probably just make Jerry acting more like a threat. And he didn't want Jerry's weapon to be used on him. He really just wanted Jerry to calm down. He noticed that Nadia was trying to help. But would it work? Why was Jerry giving him a strange look?

Brendan raised an eyebrow and he took a step forward towards the stairs. "H-Hey.... Can you just chill out for a second?" Brendan was trying to sound polite, but he just sounded more irritated. Which he was to be honest. He wished that he had stayed at the gym now. But he made the choice to leave. It was his own fault and he had to accept it. He was still watching Jerry closely. He didn't trust him. Nadia seemed like she would be okay to ally with. "Y-You're not being helpful at all. Is it okay if I go upstairs...? I just want to have a look around. Uh.... Without you stabbing me in the back."

Brendan's voice had been quiet but he sounded a little more confident than he thought he would. If Jerry continued to be a nuisance.... Brendan wasn't sure what he would do. Maybe stay downstairs? He would possibly be safer with Nadia. He wasn't going to attack Jerry. That could lead Jerry to killing him. And he really didn't want that to happen.

Brendan glanced over to where Nadia was and he smiled a bit. He had to show her that he didn't pose as a threat. "Nadia...? Have you seen anyone yet...? Like Alba? Bernadette? Ty? Or Maxim?" He asked curiously. Did she know them? He would feel embarrassed if she didn't. He should have thought about it before asking that. He looked back at Jerry who was in the way. He really didn't want to get into a fight.
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