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Alright, maybe he had been wrong in his initial judgment, maybe his paranoia had been less than justified. Even so, hat boy standing in front of him, with that bag casually tossed over his shoulder, it was still Ben. Didn't look like much on the surface, but Maxim knew better, he knew about the bigot beneath all that harmless looking crust. Which made the fact that so far, he was acting the most rational and unbiased of all the people he had met even worse.

Maxim stopped with the lip-chewing, instead wiping his mouth with his palm. He really didn't want to have to trust Ben. All he had to do was excuse himself and walk away, continue looking for a hiding spot somewhere. But even then, what was his plan after that? He had limited resources, his food and water supply would run out eventually. Realistically, there probably wasn't a spot he could hide in that others wouldn't be able to find as well. And then he'd be at their mercy, with only his bare fists to defend himself, unless he was able to master archery somehow. Yes, only his fists.

His hopes of being able to hide himself away had faltered just like that. It was an ill-conceived plan, he realized that now. Then again, whatever Ben was saying right now didn't make much more sense either. Keep looking for people and rally them to not kill anybody, that was what he got from Ben's words. That was simply delusional. People would start killing each other sooner or later, it was only logical, it was in the nature of humans to tear each other apart in situations like this. Maybe he had overestimated that boy's craftiness after all.

"Well first of all, I am in the same predicament as you. I have no weapon I'd have use for on me." He raised both his arms to further illustrate his vulnerability.

"And as for your plan: I don't see it." Hopefully, it wouldn't sound more snide than he intended it to. "The more people you run into, the higher the chances of one of them attacking you. It's that simple. You don't go around actively looking for more; if anything, you try and keep your group as small as possible. More people, more distrust, more potential for danger. More potential for one of them..." He ran a single finger across his neck, his bare skin brushing his collar. Maybe a bit overly dramatic, but at the same time, it felt sort of satisfying to do so.

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