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Lily just shrugged. She didn’t want to outright say that stealing and murdering were the only way someone was going to get extra water, but that was all she could think of. It wasn’t fun to contemplate.

“I’m surprised no-one has lost it already. It only takes one twitchy person with a gun.” Lily turned over a small container in her medkit, reading the label before writing it down. “It would have to be soon. If it doesn’t happen by tomorrow, we won’t have to worry about it.” She put the container back in the kit. “But I doubt it’ll come to that.”

She shut the medkit and slipped it back into her bag before flipping over to the next blank page in her notepad and drawing a line down the middle. On the top of one column, she wrote ‘players.’ On the top of the other she wrote ‘victims.’ It’d just be stupid if she missed the first few names tomorrow because she hadn’t set out a space for it.
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