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Harold nodded to Astrid as she stowed away her gun. It'd be unreasonable to ask her to completely disarm herself, and this way she'd be unable to catch anyone inside the room by surprise. Worst came to worst and another, less amicable intruder burst in, Astrid'd probably be the one best-equipped to defend everyone. Well, assuming she didn't just slip outside in the chaos; Harold didn't exactly peg her as the altruistic type. That was probably unfair, but Harold hoped regardless that she wouldn't have to prove herself either way; and they could all just peacefully go on with their lives.

He walked into the room just ahead of Astrid, shot Ty a thumbs up to reaffirm that everything was cool. Harold gladly set the sword back down by Ty's pack where he had found it. There'd be an obvious imbalance of power in the room so long as he carried it, and it made him nervous besides.

Lizzie seemed to have thankfully settled down a bit, in that she was now standing next to Ty without flinching. Harold wasn't exactly sure he got her rationale for stopping by, and he didn't see what about his conversation with Ty had been noteworthy at all, but he guessed he should just be glad for the vote of confidence. Back to the conversation at hand.

"I dunno, Ty. I mean, technically speaking, we are on a debate team. We're just emphatically arguing that our opponent's body should be pinned down against the mat instead of like, talking about gun control," Harold said with a shrug.
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