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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Coleen turned her face into the wind in order to hear the din coming up from behind her. Her hair swept across her face, forcing her to brush it away with a sleeve to see who was approaching her.

There was a boy coming up behind her. No, now there were two of them. The closer one called out, identifying himself as 'Henry'. That much was obvious to her; Henry may have been a year behind her, but she'd seen him around. Some kids called him a weirdo. Coleen... didn't have much room to talk in that department, so she just thought of him as Henry. She wanted to point out how awkward his statement was (in a somewhat dorky, half-cute kind of way), but the presence of yet another boy right on Henry's heels bothered her. She didn't recognize this one, at least on sight. Coleen turned the rest of her body around, not wanting to present her back to somebody that she didn't know very well.

"Guys, uh... h-hi?" Coleen stammered. Ever since turning her opposite shoulder to the ocean, the wind was now blowing the hair that hung over the left side of her face outward, making her even less comfortable with the whole scenario than before. The exposure felt like that of a locker room, with the possibility that everybody could be staring at things she didn't want anybody to see.

Coleen clenched her jaw behind closed lips, unsure why the two boys had run up to her. Did they intend to kill her? She didn't see a weapon drawn, but that didn't necessarily mean anything. She felt practically naked without a gun, a bat, anything just to make her feel like it wasn't her bare hands against the whole world at this moment. A calmer thought told her that if Henry wanted to kill her, maybe that plan would have been better enacted by not loudly shouting his name. Kid was smart, he would've thought to sneak up on her.

She saw past the two closer guys to spot a third, coveting what looked to be... a rifle?

Coleen froze.
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