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He hated it.

He had lied to them and he hated it. He had found people who wanted to help him and he immediately decided to betray their trust. And they believed it. They believed it and now they were talking badly about Min-Jae and even though Min-Jae was a jerk and even though it felt slightly good that he wasn’t alone in not liking him he still felt bad because they only thought that because of what had said about him and he was lying and they believed it and he couldn’t stop thinking about it. This wasn’t something he would have done at home. Not at school, not at the cafe, not at home, not anywhere. He was nice, and given the company he tended to be in he didn’t need to lie about anything but now he had to because they were the only two people who were nice to him and he needed someone to help him with his injuries and-

Alvaro jumped as Audrey placed a hand on his shoulder. He didn’t want to look up, he didn’t want to see her eyes-

A hand - Audrey’s - moved his head up. He could see her eyes. They were bright. Hazel, in colour. Warm.

There was a smile on her face. A request. A compliment.

His hands were shaking. There was a smile on his face. There was probably something in his eye, as well. She liked him. She trusted him. He could trust her. He had finally found someone on this island who wasn’t going to hurt him and maybe they could join up together with Danny alongside and maybe they would be able to get out of here. Yes. Yes. Yes. Things were finally looking up for him and he was happy and he could forget about Min-Jae and he could forget about his injuries and he could forget about his lie and he could just look at right now, where he had friends and where he finally felt safe.

...He was blushing, wasn’t he?

She let his head down, asking him if he could stand up. He nodded, quickly, slightly. He pushed himself against the wall, moving himself up. It hurt, slightly. Not as much as he thought it would. His arm ached, his face hurt and he knew that there were other parts as well but he did it anyway. He didn’t want to disappoint his new partners, after all.

He shook his head. That was right. Danny had asked him a question. About Min-Jae. He could tell the truth about that, at least.

“He went after me. I’m not sure if he’s still following me or not.”

He looked down the hall in the other direction from the room. He couldn’t see anybody.

He could breathe, now.
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