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He was looking, oh, he really was taking a good look. Not even trying to make it less obvious where his eyes were going. Yeah, she had to admit, that had been part of her intention too. No compliment like a lover staring at you like that. That alone told her enough to know she was still in shape. Not like she had had any serious doubts about it in the first place.

"You sure? Maybe take another look, just to be safe." She flashed a short, contented grin, then indicated to him to keep going.

Oh shit, only halfway through though? Not like she minded Cris' company, not at all, but the sun seemed especially eager to drain the fighting spirit from her that day or rather the hiking spirit. Nah, that sounded dumb. Either way, looked like it was going to be a tough act to follow. Maybe that wasn't even so bad, provided her with a little challenge to take on. How long could she keep going before she needed another break? Sure, why not, had to do something like that every once in a while, make things more interesting.

She continued walking, taking a few moments now and then to halt and observe some of the rock formations more closely. Yeah, she had to admit, some of those looked pretty rad, she could appreciate that. Monolith wasn't entirely her cup of tea, but it had its charm, she wasn't going to deny that. Man, she really was feeling relaxed, wasn't she? Being lenient like that, it really surprised herself a little.

Still, she was feeling like maybe getting Cris to talk a little more. Had taken them all but a few minutes go all silent again and while that didn't really bother her as much as earlier - mainly since she was now refreshed by both water and the attention Cris had given her - she still preferred it when they interacted a little more than that. Maybe mention something she knew he was into, like-

"By the way, how are you and your baseball team doing?" Yeah, that ought to do the trick.
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