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If there was ever an appropriate time for Jasmine to breathe out in relief, it was now.

Because okay. Things were okay. For now, at least. It wasn’t to say that this whole situation or the fact that she was here was okay but right now? She could live with what was happening. Toby had backed off of her, if only slightly, and she started speaking a little bit more calmly. It was about the situation, it seemed. Toby was getting jumpy on her because of where they were. That was… understandable. She could see why Toby reacted the way she did considering the way that Jasmine entered. Well, she still wasn’t going to blame herself for what happened but she knew that neither of them really wanted to be here, now.

She smiled, slightly.

Maybe she could use that, if only a little bit.

“I should…” She paused. “Probably be the one apologising. Sorry. I’m just super jumpy and stuff, considering what’s happening and-”

There was a crash behind her.

“What was that?

She turned around. There was a person on the floor. Red hair. White Jacket.

Not someone she knew. At least not immeaditally.

“Who are you?”
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