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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Nadia raised an eyebrow as Jerry continued his performance. Brendan had asked Jerry to put it down, and Jerry had in turn responded that the knife was his baby. She could almost find this comical, if it wasn't actually pretty sad. Maybe the gravity of the situation was already turning Jerry's brain into putty. Either way, Nadia didn't want that knife to become intimate with her stomach, so she was going to keep her distance from Jerry.

"Okay," Nadia said. "So you haven't checked the upstairs yet. Fine. But please, take a moment to cool your jets. If someone is upstairs, you're not helping by acting so antsy."

Nadia sighed and gave a quick glance over to Brendan. This was getting absurd, and she hoped it wouldn't turn out to be a colossal fuck-up.

"Just a thought."
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