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Jane brough the bottle to her lips once more, taking another long sip. God, that was so good. She sure hoped Cris had a whole more bunch of them packed away in his bag, one more for himself and about half a dozen for her to guzzle. He was a smart one, he probably had more than plenty in store. If not, she would literally force him to carry her back all the way, though that wouldn't have been that much of a punishment - for all she knew, he'd probably enjoy it. Besides, she knew he was reliable in regards to supplies and such, so that entire line of thought was baloney anyway.

She shook her head. Enough messing around in her head, Cris was already up and walking. Not like it was hard catching up to him, but she didn't want to look like a damn slowpoke. She licked her lips, then stashed her mostly empty bottle away in the small bag she carried with herself. A few hurried steps later, she was walking next to Crisanto again. The sun on her skin immediately made her remember why she'd been half parched just a minute ago.

"Jeez, how long do you think we've been going? Couldn't have picked a hotter day for this, eh?" Jane brushed some more loose strands out of her face, some of them already sticking to her forehead, which was wet with sweat. She smiled a little. It was really hard for her to stay grumpy even for a second right now. Couldn't be the trail itself, so it had to be because of Cris.

"Not that I mind though, as long as I keep burning those calories." She looked herself down, then turned her head to him, a somewhat more serious expression on her face. "You don't think I put on weight, do you?"
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