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Maxim had closed his eyes immediately upon impact. A reflex. His head felt like it was plagued by a mix of spinning and stinging ache. Being unable to see anything only made it worse, somehow. Like he didn't even have other sensations to concentrate on, only the pain; sharp goddamn pain, fuck.

What had even happened? It had went so fast, taking step after step and suddenly- right, he had to have slipped on something. Of course he had, how silly of him to assume he'd be able to make things go his way. Sadly, even cynicism wasn't enough to ease his headache in any way, let alone his spine.His eyes opened, slowly at first, then shot wide open. He remembered, goddammit. Ben was still there, he had to have heard him take that fall. He'd take advantage of it, no doubt, he'd come around the corner and-

And there he was. Maxim couldn't see it, having his eyes staring up at the not quite comforting sky, but he could hear the steps. If Ben wanted to truly end him, then there was nothing he could do about it now. It was probably the first time in all those years that Maxim wished he'd knew Ben a little better. Then maybe he'd have been able to get a better picture of his situation: For all he knew, Ben hated his sort, had a history of disdain for him and was possibly armed.

The smart thing would have been to jump to his feet, at least try and be able to defend himself if he had to. But his limbs failed him or rather, his willpower did. All he had to do was issue the command to himself. Something didn't click though. Something kept him down there, on the ground. Why, why now, why was his body acting illogical now of all times?

His heartbeat was still killing him, with how fast it was going. It only got worse now. It was too late, he had wasted too much time. He had completely failed and he was going to pay for it, god, god, he was going to-

'You alright, dude?'


That sentence made no sense, not coming from Ben. It was him, undoubtedly, he recognized the voice, no way he had forgotten. Was he mocking him? Trying to toy with him? Whatever it was he was doing, he'd not give him that satisfaction. Maxim didn't even bother lifting his head to look at the other boy, instead bringing up one hand to his own forehead and clutching it. His hand was shaking. He hoped Ben didn't notice. "What are..." Even speaking hurt a little. "What do you want?" He tried not to sound aggressive, he wasn't going to lose his cool, not openly at least. Not for Ben to savor.
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