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She pondered Lily's words for a moment. She had a point about the running water thing, a fact that didn't sit too comfortably with Lili but was more than likely the truth of the matter on Spiderland. As she made more remarks about people playing, Lili realized that she was glad that her earlier comment stayed in her head. Optimism had run its course long ago, its limp corpse floating across the tumultuous water in a viking funeral pyre, burning brightly even in the midday sun. It was now the Aeon of Realism, and Lili wasn't going to cling to the past any longer than she had to.

"You've got an argument there," Lili admitted, "It's not gonna stop me from checking the warehouses, but the chances of me finding anything are pretty slim, I guess. I'm not exactly comfortable with waiting until it rains to gather water from the sky, either. Then there's the whole trade thing, but that's not likely to go far. What else is there, then, stealing?"

Lili wasn't a sneaky person, but she could probably manage to nab one or two bottles from people if they were careless. She didn't have much of a backup plan if she was caught, though. A nightstick was a handy tool to knock people unconscious with, but then there's the whole "waking up" thing to deal with. Anyone on the receiving end of a nightstick swing wouldn't be very happy with Lili. They'd have more than a few choice words for her if they managed to catch up.

"How long do you reckon it'll take before everything goes to shit, then?" Lili asked, "Before people start getting really, crazy." She was just making small talk, considering Lily had been the friendliest person she had met so far. Lili hoped the two could at least leave the building on good terms.
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