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Jane kept her finger where it was, looking up into his eyes. With most other guys, she'd have assumed that statement to be nothing but macho talk, something like that. Thing with him was though, he probably could have actually done it. She already knew he could lift her without even having to put much effort into it. Hell, if she asked him to, he'd have probably carried her around for real. She wasn't going to though, that would have been silly.

"Thanks, but I can still stand on my own feet just fine." Jane lifted her finger up to bop Cris on the nose with it. She wasn't even sure if she did it out of affection or just to mess with him a bit, maybe both. Kind of reminded her of how she'd always bop her little Mr. Darling on the nose, that adorable mass of pink plush. Cris was obviously much bigger, less fluffy and decisively less pink, as well as not qualifying as a teddy bear. Still, it did sort of evoke the same feelings in her. Which was kind of weird, now that she thought about it, seeing as they were mostly fuckbuddies. Eh, nobody said you couldn't be cuddly fuckbuddy.

"Anyway-" Jane clapped her hands, as if to spur both of them back into action. "Wanna keep going? I feel all fresh and alive already." She was far more motivated now then she'd have thought back when Cris suggested Monolith Gardens. Thought she'd spent half the trip sulking and giving him shit, even though he didn't deserve it. For once, she was actually glad she'd been proven wrong.
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