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keep running yoshi
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Still more silence. Environmental sounds aplenty but they were getting further by the millisecond. Looked like Ben was the only one with anything to say. Kinda disappointing, in spite of himself and all his vaunted logic. A back to watch was always great. Keep 'em under eyes and all, if there was less chance of someone doing something they'd regret for the remainder decimal point of their life. Went both ways, since Ben also had him own back that needed watching. But this kid whoever they were just wanted to be going one way. Away. Whatever.

Ben figured he could double back and try checking one of the other buildings he'd already passed. Hell, for all he knew Jerry had somehow managed to slide into one-

What had it been, two seconds? Enough time for Ben to ramble at the wall like an asshole, and then for the other asshole to promptly fall. Flat on their asses, by the sound of it. Masculine grunt, at least by the masculine qualification of 'balls hadn't dropped yet'. Bradley? Ben didn't have time to hesitate, his ankle shot the corner and then the rest of his body followed suit in an efficiently clipped stride. He surveyed the scene as he marched forcibly into it.

Who the fuck was this kid? Looked familiar, like ancient history. Whoever this dude was, he had indeed been floored, Ben could see the offending gnarled branch twisted like licorice around the ankles. Ben moved forward, hand already extended to offer. It wobbled a bit more than Ben would have liked. Not enough soldier in his step. But however bad it looked, the other kid looked worse, needed help. Ben would be offering that help. Right now as a matter of fact.

"You alright, dude?" Ben had to stoop over a bit.
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