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Groggy. The world was spinning, and her breath was harsh in her chest (she'd hit her solar plexus on an awkward ledge, knocking the wind from her in one fell swoop). She groaned, struggled to rise to her feet, found it was more trouble than it was worth. She slumped back to the ground, felt her neck aching where the collar on her neck had been pulled taut and tight. God, what a fall. Or what a jump. Or what a-

Even she wasn't sure. Had she leaned into the fall? Or not? Had she jumped?

"You alright?"

Tentative voice. Female. Tara turned her head slightly, and the muscles of her neck ached. Punky girl with gorgeous piercings, fellow theater geek, but somehow their schedules never quite linked up. Always working backstage at different times, working make-up at different times, performing...

Well. Hazel, she thought. She was kinda hot.

There was a lanky skeleton of a man looming behind her, slightly blurry. Hazel didn't seem concerned, so either he was real stealthy or they were friendly. Probably the latter, since she'd seen two figures on her way down.

"Nah," Tara grunted, her voice rasping from her lips. "Wouldn't it-" She coughed, struggling to form words in her rough throat. "Wouldn't it be weird if I was?"
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