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“Unless there’s a river, and judging from the size of this island it doesn’t look likely, there isn’t going to be running water,” Lily said, voice strained. “This place is old. Any pipes would have rusted out. And the terrorists have clearly gone over the place, so I doubt they just left a crate of water bottles in the warehouse.

“And I’m not panicking. I’m thinking ahead. I’d rather be considering this now than when every other kid on the island runs out of water. Except anyone who’s been playing, of course, because they’ll be very stocked up.”

Lily couldn’t go that route, even if she was ready to kill a classmate. She was too small. Too unarmed. Stealing one bottle or two at a time, though… risky, but it could work. Provided the other person was unaware of her and she didn’t repeat her mistakes from the library.

Besides, too many others would inevitably head for the warehouse. And if there really were supplies there, what if there weren’t enough to go around? That was just inviting a bloodbath.
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