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Lily seemed like she was pissed off.

Of course, it didn't really phase Lili all too much. She should've figured that a girl like Lily would've been somewhat annoyed at Lili's seemingly illogical trading habits, but she was surprised that she didn't pick up that Lili had only gained supplies. Nothing of value was lost, back at the toll booth, but Lily didn't seem to care about that part. With her comment on the water, Lily made it sound like she heard a suggestion to just lay down and die, when the opposite was the reality. Lili just wanted to calm down.

"I'm not saying to just forget about the water, just that we should try to get more information before we start to panic," Lili said, shrugging her shoulders, unfazed by the comments Lily made about the sleeping gas. It was entirely possible that they gave her too much, considering her weight being under the healthy average for her age. She was going to add something on about the trading, but she figured that much was beside the point. "There are two warehouses on the island, and one of them is just down the road. There's gotta be something in there."

And, well, even if you aren't planning on killing, you could always just scavenge. Pick out the supplies from other people's bags that might have been left behind, she thought, but she didn't say that much aloud. It was tempting, but she knew that if Lily was losing her cool, it was all the more reason for Lili to keep hers.

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