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“Please stop waving that around,” Lily said quietly, as Lili waved the lightsaber around.

Sure, it was a fake weapon. But it was a horrible reminder that, should someone be armed with a proper one, that it wouldn’t take much. Just a few steps closer, and one swing.

The more Lili talked, though, the more… inane she sounded. Lily watched her talk, the same confused and wary look on her face, but it was only until the water comment that she spoke.

She had intended for her words to be polite.

“Yeah, why don’t we just put off worrying until we’re out of water?!” Lily asked, her voice abruptly high-pitched and strained. “That’ll solve everything. Nothing could go wrong with that approach. In fact, why don’t you just keep trading your few supplies for joke weapons, too? Did you hit your head? Did you breathe in too much sleeping gas and damage something?”

It may not have seemed polite, but it was better phrasing than what had originally been in Lily’s head. Which had also been louder and accompanied by the urge to slap some sense into Lili.
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