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Goddammit, she was glad to see Oskar. More like she was just happy to see literally anyone besides fucking Caedyn. Fuck, she'd have welcomed Min Jae with open arms before she'd spend another ten seconds with that putrid bitch behind her, really, how could one person be that hateful and just...shitty? God.

What a contrast Oskar was to that. Sitting down there, waving his gloves around like he was holding a white flag. She didn't know him, not that well, but she couldn't help but find him sort of adorable. Or maybe she was just trying to force positive thoughts into her brain, anything to distract her from her. She'd suggest the two of them get away from her, that was the absolutely best thing she could do.

"Hey Oskar, look, how about-" She was immediately interrupted. God, there that bitch went again. Couldn't she just keep her damn whore mouth shut, just one fucking second?

Oh, she was trying to provoke her wasn't she? Talking about her, Jane, snapping? Her? Stupid cunt didn't know a thing about anything, she was just saying shit to mess with her. She couldn't let herself be provoked, she wouldn't get to her, no matter wha-

The fuck. What'd she call her? She was being a hypocrite? Called that by Caedyn of all people. Oh, fuck her, fuck her and her entire shtick and her whole family and - Jesus fucking Christ, how she wished she could have just smashed that bottle over her head, make her eat her own words and some glass shards at that. No, of course she wasn't going to do that. But it was a nice mental image to hold onto.

"Shut your fucking mouth!" Jane didn't even turn around, she just stood there, fists clenched and staring at the dry ground and dead plants in front of her. She had to get away from there, before she did something she regretted.

"Oskar, let's get out of here, alright? Nothing good will come of that...of her being around us."
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