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Dammit. Now Wayne was expecting something from Asha. Sure, she was glad he listened, but just getting that far had basically been the entirety of her plan. It was really more of a way of life than anything else - well, a way of death, more like. Asha knew she wasn't leader material, and even in ballet she'd always been content to stay out of the competition for the spotlight, happy to just see other people shine.

Here, Asha had managed to come up with an ideal that she wholeheartedly believed in, but she wasn't trying to be some sort of visionary. She just thought she was on to something pretty comforting, and that maybe other people needed to hear it, too. She didn't want to be responsible for anyone, that shit was scary. Even though it didn't make sense if you took her flavor of nihilism to its logical extreme - if they're all gonna die, why worry if she made a mistake and gets someone else killed, had to stare into their fading eyes as they whispered "I trusted you" if she was lucky enough to have a nightmare ever again - Asha still hated the thought of being responsible for anyone else's pain.

Dorothy's reaction simply confused Asha. Dot said she understood, but she followed that up with the complete antithesis to what Asha meant. Didn't she see that death was exactly how you kept your morals, and believing that you could live was what would cause the greatest amount of grief for yourself and everyone around her? Regardless, it was an answer that she seemed to firmly believe in, and even though it seemed alien, now, Asha respected that.

"That's fine, Dot. I'm not asking anything of you, don't worry. I'll just keep doing my thing and we can still get along, alright? 'Cause, Wayne, there's no real grand, sweeping gestures involved," Asha said, vaguely waving a hand towards the horizon for emphasis. "What it all boils down to is, when we see other people, we're gonna be nice to 'em and have a good time. That's all."
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