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Alright, alright, helluva lot information to process at once. Like, not that much, really, but it was kinda more puzzling for him to figure out why the hell they were running around the place when they already had to know where the exit to this place was. Hanging back and chillin', sure, he could dig that, but why now, just made no sense. All they had to do was leave that dump and they were good, why did nobody beside him see that?

Aiden rubbed one side of his face with one hand, feeling sort of disappointed. Like, Barry and Jon Jon, those two he could get, were prolly not the brightest bunch, but Johnny too? He had always considered that dude to be, dunno, mature or something, lazy bum maybe, but with some wits up in his brain. Man. Like, it was good to see the guy, but still.

"Alright so..." Aiden started and immediately stopped when he saw Johnny offering him one of his cigs. Like, nice of him and all, but wasted on him, he had promised himself to never do the smokies, nope. Still though, it reminded him that he himself was missin' some things of his. Motherfuckin' meds were still out of his reach, godamnit. He didn't need that reminder.

"Nah, thanks dude, better keep those." He raised a hand in a defensive gesture. And now Scarlett was telling him that they should go, great. No, that wasn't right though, he couldn't just leave with her and leave Johnny and Raina to their business, no way. Had been different with the other folks back there, he barely knew them and stuff, but Johnny Boy, that dude was his pal, he had to try and open his eyes, yup.

"Sec, Scarlett." He signaled her to stay put, then took a deep breath. Man, he didn't like being all serious like, but what could he do?

"Hold the phone for a bit, alright? You two, you're tellin' me you want to go deeper in here, hang out and stuff? I mean, you're right to do so and all, but why, like...?" Aiden stopped for a second, rubbing the back of his head. "I mean, if you wanna get out of here, you know you just have to leave, right? After all-" He looked from Johnny to Raina. One of them had to have some sense in them, to be sure. He couldn't be alone with this.

"You get what I'm sayin', right? C'mon, you have to know what's up."
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