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For a moment it was like Georgia Lee’s hand was someone else’s. It flashed out, unbidden, and knocked Bradley’s phone from his fat, sweaty fingers. The phone skittered across the floor, coming to rest at the base of the booth opposite them.

Georgia Lee ignored it. She could feel her face growing hot, like the heat of her anger and her disgust was trying to seep out of her skin. Bradley venting his filth out onto her, that was to be expected, that was simply how he was, but to try and spread it around the school like that was truly vile.

Her fingernails dug into her palms, her fists balled on the table, and Georgia Lee was sure if she tried to unclench them they’d be shaking. She wanted to lash out again, to sink her fist into his oafish, cartoon face, to pry apart the muscles pulling his bloated features into that stupid smug grin and force her hand through his thick skull and close it around every stomach-churning, degrading, repellent thought he had and tear them out of him.

She tried to calm herself. She failed.

“Do you know why everyone hates you, Bradley?”

It was like someone else was talking with her voice. Georgia Lee knew she should stop herself, wanted to stop herself, knew that taunting Bradley would just feed his infantile ego, but somehow the words wouldn’t stop pouring out of her mouth.

“They hate you because why wouldn’t they? Because there is no reason to like you, not a single thing about you that is good and nothing that you are good at. There isn’t one person in Cochise who doesn’t think you’re disgusting and pathetic, Bradley. They don’t think you’re funny, or charming, or whatever it is you think you are. People just think you’re sad and revolting, and they are relieved when you’re not around.”

She stood, clasping her bag with white knuckles, struggling to keep what remained of her calm.

“I hope you had fun imagining yourself on me Bradley, since that’s the closest you will ever get to anyone because no one will ever touch you because you look like shaved ham.”

[Georgia Lee Day continued elsewhere]

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