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A quiet voice responded, still looking at the cube.

"Hm, okay."

Al still focussed on solving the cube, nodded at what Serena had said. Being ready and shit. Expecting people to kill them. Well, who would judge a person killing them? Everybody wants to live.

He repeated, this time shortly looking at Serena before looking back at the cube.


A bridge. It seemed like this place had a bridge, probably even more interesting locations, like the library or this weird building they were in. Places they could explore. Discover the history of the island, gain knowledge and experience before they eventually die. Find out more about the arena they were put in. He hated exploring. He should have not went to the science trip, disliking exploring.

He disliked being confronted with death, too. He needed to be ready, Serena said. A command. But, it was not the only option. He did not need to be ready. If she was already ready, why should he be?

He could also not be ready, the result wouldn't be that different. If other people would come and tried to kill them, there would not be much that they could do. They would not be able to stop them, would they? Al thought it might be better to not be prepared. To die quickly with being surprised, instead of constantly worrying that they will die, which he was something he did more and more before sitting down and being distracted with something much more pleasant.

Ah, solved the cube. Reshuffle.
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