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Rorick Skyve
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Maxim stopped walking backwards for a moment. His heart beat had gotten even faster or so he felt. It began to hurt, like small needles being rammed into his chest area over and over again. He wasn't used to his nor did he want to be. Ben spoke again. Damn right he was nervous. Though Ben couldn't possibly understand why, of course, unless he came looking around the corner. So he was completely fine with the other boy remaining ignorant to his plight.

A gun, what would he have given for a gun now. Not to use deadly force, of course. As a tool of prevention, to scare that son of a bitch of. Yes, it all came back now. How much he despised that boy. Even though it had been mostly his fault, all that happened on that goddamn birthday party. Still, Ben was the way he was, a fucking homophobe, scum. He deserved to be here. Maxim didn't. But since when had life ever been fair?

He started backing away again. He didn't pay any heed to what Ben was saying. Words, hollow words, they meant nothing. He didn't know it was Maxim who he was talking to. Ben would have spoken differently had he known, so none of this was relevant in any way. He could stay in that corner and speak to the wall for all eternity, for all he cared.

Another step back. He could turn around, of course. But then, he couldn't have kept an eye on that corner. Then again, if Ben did come around there and had a gun on him, he was screwed either way. But he wanted to see it, at least. If he was going to die at that boy's hands, he at least wanted to see him coming. Not from behind, not like that. So he didn't turn around.

He took another step, then another. He'd have to be able to turn another corner soon, how far could it still be? Another step, left leg, right left, le- His heel came in contact with something. Something that gave in, started twisting and - fuck, was it a twig or -

Whatever it was, it had made him loose his footing. Before he had to time to register it, his torso was falling backwards. His other leg shot up in the air instinctively and his left arm followed, while his other still held the beg tightly clutched against his lower body. The moment was over in less than a second, but Maxim felt like he was freefalling for an eternity, a sudden rush of adrenaline raced through him and all thoughts besides 'Shitshitshitshitshit' were momentarily wiped from his brain

He cried out, only briefly, but loud enough to frighten himself while he was still in the air. Then his back and bottom made contact with the ground simultaneously and he gasped sharply as the air was pressed out of his lungs.

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