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Brendan was nervous. Of course, he was freaking nervous. Jerry wasn't? He found that hard to believe after what had just happened beforehand. This situation wasn't getting any better when the girl spoke up. Ah, Brendan kind of knew her. Nadia. Photographer. Didn't interact with her that much. Also Ben Fields was with Jerry. Brendan wasn't sure about that. He was sure that he hadn't seen him on the way to the cabin. Maybe Ben had hid somewhere so Brendan wouldn't have noticed him being around. It didn't really matter that much now.

Brendan stepped further into the cabin away from Jerry and he slowly began to lower his shaky hands. He really didn't want things to go from bad to worse with Jerry. "....L-Look, I just want to have a look around here. I don't want to have a fight. I just want to find my friends...." He was keeping an eye on Jerry and he didn't move from where he was. "....Okay, so you're with Ben. Can you please lower the knife, Jerry...?"

He just wanted to go and sit down. He felt tired. But he didn't dare take another step. Even though he just wanted to rest. He didn't want to suddenly get attacked from behind if he turned away from Jerry. That would be a foolish thing for Brendan to do. Besides, Brendan wasn't going to be trusting Nadia or Jerry yet.
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