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A place to chill? Scarlett raised an eyebrow when Raina said that so normally. Like they weren't in a terrible game of life and death. Scarlett thought it would be better if they all just left this place together. Maybe going outside was not a great plan but she was desperate to get some fresh air. She also noticed that Alice was there as well finally. It looked like she was backing away from the group. Scarlett wasn't going to say anything about Alice. She didn't think she needed to.

Scarlett gave a small nod to Raina. "Thanks for warning us about the basement, Raina. I wouldn't want to go down there anyway. Aiden and I just want to get outside...." And then what would they do? Will Aiden finally realize that all of this was not a joke? ".....Thanks for the way out of here. Well, I didn't wake up on this floor. So I have no clue who would do that to a room. I'm not sure about Aiden tho. We did see some others. Barry Banks, Jonathan and a girl who's name I have no clue of. We split up from them. So... yeah...."

Scarlett noticed that Johnny was giving a cigarette pack to Aiden. If she was back at home; she would be disapproving of people smoking and damaging their bodies. But right now she just wanted to go. So she stared right at Aiden and tilted her head towards the stairs behind Alice.

"I think we should get going now, Aiden."
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