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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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Oh this.

This was fucking adorable.

Between Jane's outburst and Oskar's cutesy innocent routine, she couldn't help herself. What was left of her sobs turned to choking, then sputtering, then outright hysterical laughter. They were just so far up their own asses, trying to act all noble and confident when they were all going to die. As she laughed, she pushed herself up off of the ground and stared daggers at Jane. "That's a great speech Jane. It's really good to see you getting that anger worked up already. Hey, Oskar," she said with a glance in his direction, "How long do you give her before she snaps? A couple days? Couple hours? Maybe a couple minutes?"

What a joke. Did she think she was better than her? That somehow being an angry bitch every day of her life gave her some kind of moral high ground? "Just listen to yourself! Maybe you won't kill anybody," she babbled with clenched fists,"maybe one of the other f-fucking lunatics that's sick of your bullshit will get to you first. Do you have any idea what people said about you? What they thought about the pissy little no talent hypocrite? No, because you never fucking listen!"

She was letting her own anger get the best of her. She had no idea what anyone said about Jane, because it wasn't worth paying attention to. There had to be rumors though. People had to hate her. Just look at her.
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