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"Oh, for the love of God..."

[Arthur Bernstein continued from Plutonian Wharf]

Arthur didn't mind spending more time on the beach. He had, after all, spent a while looking at the water while he was at the docks, and if anything this gave him a better view of the ocean. Plus, maybe this would distract Henry and Jasper from the fishing idea in the first place. Arthur hoped that it would, but he didn't like having to jog after Henry to keep up, preferring instead to walk and enjoy the scenery. He kept up a slow pace, taking up the back behind Jasper so he could have a clean view of everyone ahead.

He recognized Coleen from his grade. A fellow academic, Coleen had always struck him as a very nice and polite girl, one he wouldn't mind Marie becoming friends with. He didn't mind the music that her band played, but he preferred to stay away from their concerts. It was a bit too loud and abrasive for his ears. A quick evaluation made it clear that Coleen wouldn't be much of a threat at all, so Arthur relaxed a little. He held his paintball gun in both hands, cradling the muzzle in his right hand and holding the backside of the gun with the left. He hoped it wouldn't startle the girl in green too much.

Henry and Jasper got faster and faster, but Arthur didn't see much of a point in running as fast as they did. He'd make it there all the same. He hung back slightly, watching the two run. It was almost like they were all on vacation, together on the island, here for fun. All it took to remind Arthur that his life was on the line was the collar on his neck. He shivered as a breeze whipped stray grains of sand around his shoes.

He slowed to a walk after deciding that he didn't want to waste his energy. Slow and steady wins the race, after all.
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