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Coleen Reagan and Jasmine Reed. She knew Coleen's name and face from the arts department at school, and that she was the lead singer in a local band, but being in two different grades basically put a wall in between the two. Lili had seen Reed in the halls before, but her overly outgoing personality hadn't been very welcoming in the past. If she had run into those two instead of Eye-patch and Kaitlyn, Lili figured she would've had an easier time waking up, but ultimately she didn't really want to switch places with Lily.

"I got a third of a loaf of bread, for a protein bar," Lili said, "And I gave Alan a protein bar and a quarter for his weapon. Poor guy got a plastic light saber from Star Wars. He gave me a bar with his light saber too, so I didn't really lose much over there." As she spoke, Lili took the light saber out of her backpack and inspected the handle. The blade portion of the toy was retracted, a red button on the handle the trigger to open it. Lili tried to press it down, but nothing happened. Don't tell me this thing's defective, she thought, Such a waste!

Then she noticed that there was the faint imprint of an arrow pointing downwards on the button itself. Lili tried to move the button like a switch in the direction it was pointing, and the blade shot out of the handle, which made Lili jump a little. The plastic shaft was colored purple. Lili wasn't an expert on Star Wars, but she was pretty sure there wasn't anybody with a purple light saber. Lili found that pulling the plastic blade out a little further would fully extend it, keeping it in place, and that pulling the button down again would make the blade collapsible.

She swung it around in the air in front of her for a bit, distracted by how light it felt in her hand. At the base of the light saber was a small plastic clip, similar to one that you'd find on the cap of a pen. She clipped it to her waist, sliding it so that the light saber hung outside her jeans on her side. The feeling of the plastic toy on her hip was somewhat comforting. She found a new hope within herself, hope that maybe she wouldn't suffer as much as she thought. Of course, the threat of other students turning violent hung menacingly in the air, like a phantom. For now, though, Lili was content to sit and rest for a little while.

If I'm going to be a Jedi now,, Lili thought, I might as well be a good one. She turned and looked back over at the other Lily, returning to the conversation at hand.

"Hey, there might be running water somewhere here," Lili remarked, "It's a small chance, but it's still possible. I wouldn't get too worried yet."
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