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The phrase was something about closing a door and opening a window.

She couldn't walk properly without help, but now she had found a friend, a good one. Cameron smiled. "Sup, Human?" She disengaged herself from Mel and hopped forward to give Enzo a hug with her eye arm. It was a good feeling to have someone she was close with nearby; it wasn't a knock on Mel at all. Enza was just one of Cameron's best friends, having them around made everything feel less heavy. For a split-second Cameron could almost convince herself that everything was alright.

It wasn't though and it wouldn't be again.

Depressing and sobering facts about her new life aside, things had taken a step up. Cameron trusted Vinny unconditionally. So that wasn't an issue going forward. Tessa she wasn't as comfortable with; she knew of the girl, she played guitar and was into art so Cameron obviously knew her through that. She was nice enough, Cameron didn't see her being a bad presence and was happy to have her with them. If they decided to all join up they'd a group of four. Safety in numbers was a theory for a reason.

Cameron gave a small nervous chuckle.

"Yeah, I may have bailed down some stairs."
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