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This felt soft.

Irene liked it a bit too much. It reminded her of awkward tween years and 240 pixelworths of replays on YouTube. Before Irene's little disaster Sumac-side she'd built a shrine to Hannah in her heart. Maybe a bit in real life too. Just a tad, like, two to three pictures zoomed and cropped by a butcher's hand at most. "We totally could've. I woulda rocked Rainancy blue." Yes, Irene knew they were different shades or hues or however that worked but honestly? Blue was blue was blue. No other way to put it. Her hands found holds in the topology of Hannah's shoulders, at least briefly before crumbling away. Irene trembled like a reed whistling in breeze. Trembled in her friend's warm embrace, all the while not sure why. Height difference put Irene's eyes a bit off center, where she could glance over and see if Olivia was going to pile into the concentrated solution of awkward. Expand molarity.

"... I was stressed, I'm sure 90% of the island is. It was uncalled for." Nope. Olivia was just staying over there, barely close enough to look out of place. Looked picturesquely cute standing her ground, and that made Irene feel all happy in a disconcerting way again. Honesty was, apparently, a lonely word. 'Twas an honest shame.

"Danny definitely seemed stressed when I saw him, so we can add him to the stats. Laughing about stuff that wasn't funny." Irene felt the giggle bubble up the flesh of her esophagus like a burp. It popped out her teeth before she could stop it. "Weirdly enough, my gun's pretty real I think." All too real. Johnny Three would have had Hannah's entrails on stark display if it went off here and now. It squirmed inorganically between their bodies. "I don't really know what to do with it but for now I guess I roll with it, right?" Ah, yes. They would see her rolling. They would be hating.

Not these two, though. Irene didn't want these two to be hating. They weren't supposed to hate, they were definitely completely too nice and awesome and cute for that. "Oi Olive, get in here before the hug ends five-ever." There would be more to come, surely, but this one was somehow unique. A once-in-a-lifetime experience, along the lines of a Rainancy blue moon or Darius not being a dumbass.
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