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“Four bottles?” Lily asked, voice strained. Even just thinking about it made her mouth feel drier. “That… is not good.” Even as she said this, she was confirming Lili’s words by counting out the bottles. Letting out a sigh, she said, “I appreciate the information, but I’m going to count up anyway. Just in case.”

“I’ve seen Coleen Reagan and Jasmine Reed. Neither of them seemed particularly dangerous, although… things did get a little tense with Jasmine for a moment.” Lily looked at her injured hand and grimaced. “They were both in the library. Coleen left before I did. I haven’t seen anyone playing yet, but...”

Lily trailed off as she pushed the crackers to the side, writing down the total. The food would last. The water wouldn’t. Clever, really. If she hid somewhere, she’d never outlast the others. Not with only four bottles.

She pushed aside her tissues and sweater, noting them down too. Then she tugged out the first aid kit, opening it and writing down what was inside that. It was slower work. She had to check a lot of labels. Anything she’d used some of, she made a little dash next to.

“Toll Booth,” she mused outloud. “If she’d been trading her water, I might have risked it. But I suppose that was a while ago.”
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