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Jordan only gave a knowing nod, not really willing to deny Hazel's statements about his athleticism anymore.

He didn't really know Isaac. Jordan had never really interacted with the seniors outside of theater all that much anyway. He was a sprinter, that much he knew, but even though Isaac was known to be a complete asshole, Jordan didn't exactly have it in him to dislike a person he didn't really know.

Of course he had heard the things that Isaac had done, there were too many inane things that had happened for him to not hear any of it. But somehow it had never felt all that real. Just another story from the rumour mill about people who barely felt like they even existed.

Somehow, the thought made him feel a little left out of the conversation, even if there was only Hazel and him here. Still, it was a real comfort that Hazel was willing to joke around. For all that had happened several moments ago, things were seeming somewhat alright.

He continued to look out at the ocean, the vivid blue stretching out to the edge of the horizon, the distant waves crashing against the shore below. It was almost hypnotising, watching the endless motion of the water, the rhythmic motion a relaxing sight.

“No one could have expected being here,” he said. “They’d have to be crazy if they did.”

But their conversation was cut off by the sight of someone falling down the slopes. He could only watch as the girl rolled to a stop at the bottom of the hill.

Was she okay? The girl was just far enough him to be completely unsure.

Part of him screamed that he should rush over to help, but he found himself falling behind Hazel instead, as if he could somehow hide his six-foot frame behind her.

“We should go over and help, right?”
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