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Oh. Well that’s awkward. He couldn’t do much to control it, could he? If it’s a medical thing, then… maybe. But Jennifer didn’t know the illness well enough to say how. She couldn’t help but suddenly think of her own issues with caffeine. She’d been trying to quit it for a long time, only to find herself holding a mug a week later. Whenever she brought it up, everyone jumped in to give advice. It was sometimes asinine advice, too. Decaffeinated beverages were a good idea, but then some people pitched in with all kinds of fad diets that would supposedly help. No, she didn’t want to try to latest detox diet trend. Did she look like she wanted to? No.

Anyways, it’d be somewhat like that, if she said anything that was supposed to be “advice”. Bart didn’t name the medical condition, anyways, so it’s not like she was an expert. So advice was right out. Too insensitive. Jennifer, to be honest, didn’t think of herself as being good at talking about personal matters. Small talk? Sure. Critiquing each other’s’ work? Of course. Personal things? Well, that’s when she’s at a loss. It wasn’t like she was that terrible at social skills, just... she had no idea what to say to improve things. Bart had sounded disappointed, too. What can she say, then?

Asuka, however, had spoken up. It was that easy. Just say that it sucks. Maybe it was too simple, or maybe he didn’t want to be pitied for it. But at least it was something.

“Same. I… had no idea about it until now”, Jennifer said.

She wasn’t sure if that’s what he wanted to hear.

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