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The footsteps stopped. Whoever was there, around the corner, they obviously had a reason for stopping. Since spontaneous death was both silly and unrealistic as an option, it had to mean they had somehow noticed him as well, despite his best efforts to remain hidden. Though those efforts had only consisted of not moving for a few seconds, so this had been foreseeable, really.

Maxim could feel his heartbeat becoming more and more noticeable to him, hammering against the inner walls of his chest. This wasn't good. In the best of cases, the other person had stopped since they were afraid too, trying to hide their own presence. In the worst case, they were preparing to ambush him. Running around the corner and knocking him flat out or worse would have been sufficient for that really. Unless the other person was of small stature, he could have probably defended himself against that, tried to at least.

Just then, he heard a voice speaking and it took all but one sentence for his hopes to be torn apart violently. 'It's Ben.' Now, Maxim knew there was another Ben in school, had heard of him because of stuff relating to tabletop games. He recognized the voice though, no doubt in his mind, This was the other Ben, or rather the Ben. The one he had avoided ever since-

Maxim's first instinct was to take a step backwards, causing more rustling. Goddammit.

This boy was a homophobe, he knew that. Someone who despised him, probably regarded him as the lowest possible sort of human being. Maybe he even wanted to deny him that too, who knew what went on in that guy's head?

Whatever it was, it was bad, it had to be. Ben was probably someone who wouldn't have shed a single tear over Maxim's death. Hell, maybe he'd even be inclined to induce it himself? If he had a weapon on him, a gun, a knife, anything that was useful for killing a man, then he was as good as done for.

Maxim's hands began to tremble slightly. No, that was not how he'd go out. Not by that boy's hand, never. He started walking backwards, slowly. Running would have given him away immediately. Ben knew he was there, but he didn't know who he was, not yet. He had to try and sneak away without the other boy noticing. Count on Ben being cautious and remaining where he was for a good bit. That was his best hope of getting away, his only hope.
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