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GIRL 063: Natalie Winters START

Natalie had only been awake for a few minutes when she found herself in this place. Never in her life did she think she'd actually be in something like this. Were people watching her?

Were her parents watching her?

She hadn't even said a proper goodbye to them yet. If she dies here... She can't even think about that. She wanted to escape, to get out, but she didn't even know what to do. Worst of all, it didn't look like whatever weapon she was supposed to have was going to be useful anytime soon.

The puddles of water in this dark place make her think that she woke up in some sort of underground basement or something. She had to find a way outside. But was she the only one in this room? Maybe there are other people.

Natalie walked and wandered, keeping her hands to the walls just in case. That's when she heard talking.

Her body tensed up. She expected to find other people, other students maybe, but knowing her situation, she wasn't sure if it was safe anymore. She approached the room where she heard the noises, and tried to peek in, sneaking just so the puddles wouldn't make a noise.

She saw two girls, looked like they were talking. Natalie didn't really hang out much with either of them, so she couldn't recognize them just by their backs.

The kids at school wouldn't really resort to killing each other... right?


Deep breaths. Maybe it's best to let them finish talking, judge them to see if they were safe to talk to, maybe it's best if Natalie just stayed put.

And then, Natalie felt her foot slip in a puddle of water. She had lost her balance, and her body fell on the hard floor. The sudden shock of the slip made her yelp out, and the pain from the impact was enough to make her groan.

"Argh... Crap."

So much for sneaking and being quiet.
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