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I used to be a handler like you, then I turned into a horse.
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"Aw, c'mon. I've been good and everything."

He took the pokes to his abs in stride and felt a little shiver where her finger trailed up his chest. He even gave a little chuckle at that and her snarking, which might've gotten a faintly disinterested glare from him coming from anyone else. Somehow that fire she carried around inside her rarely failed to get him on his feet or at least thinking about something other than the black dog which tailed him every day. If she didn't have that, she probably would've been just another pretty girl with a nice rack he hooked up with at some party and whose name he then forgot, but instead she lodged in his mind.

Crisanto, unlike some, actually liked girls who had spirit. She had him actually joking with her, for one, and after his little mock-complaint he leaned down to kiss her again. Nothing too much this time, just a quick little peck on the mouth followed by gently nipping her bottom lip as he pulled away, but enough to keep her going despite the heat.

"I'd do it for you, you know."

Which he probably could. Baseball was far more physically demanding than most realised, and pitching in particular put enough strain on the human arm and shoulder that to keep at top form and avoid injury Crisanto spent as much time in the weight room as some of the wrestlers and football players, if not more. His max was somewhere north of twice Jane's entire body weight, and she was all soft curves instead of hard metal. She hadn't believed him when he said so, once, and so he'd demonstrated by lifting her clear off the ground in one smooth motion, with permission of course.

Sometimes it was fun to prove people wrong. It was certainly a story he liked to remember.
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