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Jane had her eyes fixed on the bottle as soon as it exited Cris' pack. Eyeing it greedily, she was almost ready to just rip it out of his hands right away. No need for that though, he was a speedy one, sent it flying towards her. She reacted, though sluggishly and thus it hit her in the chest, bouncing off and into both her awaiting hands. Didn't hurt, but must have looked pretty dumb, like she couldn't even catch a lax throw like that.

Still, she was thankful enough to have that water and began fumbling with the bottle's cap as soon as she got a good grip on the thing. Opening it didn't turn out as easy as she had thought though, since her first efforts - maybe caused by her impatience, maybe her overall dehydrated state, her sweaty palms or all at the same time - remained fruitless.

"Oh, you little shit..." Jane hissed to herself, inaudible for Crisanto or so she hoped. Who the hell screwed those things shut like that anyways? She sure hoped that asshole had gotten fired by now or died of thirst or something. Would have been sweet karma.

Finally, her fingers accomplished the seemingly impossible and the cap came off with a sound that was far less satisfying than it was probably intended to be, given all the trouble before. Jane sighed and looked over at Cris. Already guzzling his, of course. Not like he'd have any trouble opening that thing with that strength of his - hmm, no time to let herself be distracted.

With a sigh of relief, she tilted her head back and brought the bottle to her lips, downing half of it in one go. She would have kept going too, if not for Cris interrupting her bliss with his silly question. Though adorably silly, at least.

She lowered the bottle, her lips wet and glistening, then immediately wiped them with the back of her hand. "What do you think, you big dumbo?" She smirked at him, too content to get real snarky with him. Taking another quick sip, she starting walking towards him.

"I feel ecstatic. Like I could carry your whole sexy self all across this wasteland." She ended that sentence by poking him in the abdomen, once, twice and one more time for good measure, then let her finger trail all the way up to his chest. "That's not an offer though."
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