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No smokes. Figured as much. Lili was getting a little impatient, but it wasn't anything that she'd throw at Lily. She hadn't lost her self-control yet, not as far as anger went. Lili hadn't ever really had an outburst back home, and she wasn't going to let that get the better of her here. Plus, Lily had a shard of glass in her hands, and she didn't want to be on the receiving end.

"Nobody's started playing," Lili began, "But people have already started acting weird. When I woke up and went to the top of the bell tower a girl with an eye-patch pointed a gun at me, if you know her. She didn't threaten me, it was more of an instinctual thing, but...it wasn't a pleasant way to wake up. Then I was held up on the bridge over here by Kaitlyn, this Senior girl, who wanted to trade stuff with me. She called it 'Toll Booth', and if Alan, another Senior, hadn't come along, she probably would've tried to take my stuff. Oh, and Scout showed up too, but I left before I could really talk to her."

"Nobody's started to play the game, though," She continued, "Not that I've seen or heard."

She didn't mention the shoes. She figured it would be best to not tell about it.

"There's ten bars, by the way. Four bottles of water, two loaves of bread and two tins of crackers. I can vouch for the crackers, they don't taste all too bad. Helps if you've got an upset stomach, too." Lili rested her head on her hand, putting her elbow down on the control table, and sighed. It wasn't a bad amount of food, but they really skimped on the water. Would there be working faucets somewhere on the island? She doubted it. Besides, if they all had the supplies they needed, what reason would they have to fight? Especially with water, since you dehydrated pretty fast if you went a while without it. The decision to limit water to four bottles wasn't an accident.

"What about you?" Lili asked, leaning back in her chair, "Who'd you run into so far?"
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