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“Well, even if I wanted to take my chances and group up with a bunch of unknown people they’ll probably leave before I can get there. That’s on the other side of the island, isn’t it?”

She was coming up blank on where to hide, and panic was starting to crawl into the edges of her brain. She just needed something else to focus on.

Lily frowned at her map some more before putting it aside and pulling out the notepad and pencils she’d taken from the library. She’d prefer to take inventory somewhere where she was alone and in no risk of being intruded on, but there was no guarantee that she’d find such a place. If she was careful, and didn’t remove everything from her bag all at once, she’d probably be okay for now.

“No. I’m not a smoker.” Well, not much. Not tobacco. Only marijuana around Tina, or at the very occasional party. Not something she’d go for on her own. Just to prove she could.

Lily opened her bag and pushed most of the supplies to one side, before picking up the ration bars and placing them on the other side one by one, counting as she did so.

“So you’ve traveled further than I have. I woke up over there.” Lily nodded her head towards the building she’d come from. “What is happening over there? Has anyone started playing?”

When she was done counting ration bars, she noted on the paper how many there were, then started doing the same with the bread.
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