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Lili nodded, and took a seat next to the control panel. Everything looked perfectly fine on the surface, but Lili figured that the wiring had been cut, or the screws inside had been taken out. Could she fix it? Could anybody fix it?

"I woke up there, actually," Lili said, "At the tower. Didn't look like there was anything in place to ring the bell." Whomever it was, she felt like it was best she stayed away from them, at least for now. That kind of company could only drag her down. Lili noticed her company's eyes on her, but did nothing. It was only natural to check out whoever you might be with at a time like this, scan for threats and the like.

She set her bag down on the floor and reached over, unzipping it. She then pulled out a bottle of water, took off the cap, and sipped at it lightly, staring again at the controls. Something about this whole place just felt off to her, but for some reason she felt like she wasn't going to be leaving any time soon. It was just a gut feeling, but deep down she felt like it was true. At the very least, that truthful feeling was something she could rely on. Something to keep her strong. She stretched her arms, reaching forward as far as she could, interlacing her fingers and yawning. It felt good to stretch. Lili knew that she had the skills to keep calm, meditation skills and yoga poses that would keep her centered, so why was she still shaky? Even if it wasn't so much on the outside, she was still uneasy on the inside.

"Hey, I know it's a bit of a long shot, but do you have any cigarettes?" Lili asked. She figured she might as well. She knew that those could breathe some calm into her. Keep her rooted to the spot, at the very least. Something grounding. With her cigarettes, she could do much, much better here. She might last long enough until help came, or until something else put an end to things.

Something, or someone.
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