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"Min-Jae?" Audrey blurted out. "The goth kid?" Jesus, if there was a less-intimidating kid at Cochise High School, Audrey didn't know who it was. That fashion-conscious nerd daring to lash out as he did, hitting a short, defenseless kid like Alvaro - cute kid, too - made Audrey's insides boil with rage. She felt her stomach churn, the same kind of churn that she felt when she saw any sort of injustice done in the name of irrationality. There shouldn't be people out to hurt other this early in the game, there just shouldn't be. And Min-Jae of all people? What a crock. Audrey hoped that whoever was managing Survival of the Fittest was getting a nice big laugh out of this because she was going to find their control room, take out her nunchucks, and just start going to town on those motherfuckers.

But that was neither here nor there and Audrey's hate-boner would need to be sated at some other time.

She sighed, placing a hand on Alvaro's shoulder. "It's alright. He's not going to hurt you anymore." Audrey spoke with sincerity, though there was just a hint of indignant disappointment in her voice. She place a hand under his chin and lifted his face so they were looking straight at each other. "Hey, chin up. You look better that way. Okay?" She gave him a bright smile.

Audrey looked at Danny. He was asking questions, logical ones like whether or not the psychopathic goth was on their trail. Shit, he was right. Audrey whispered to Alvaro, "Can you move? If you can, we should get out of here."

She got up, walking over to Danny. "Listen," she said. "We don't know each other that well, but you seem a nice guy. You wanna, you know, get into a truce or whatever? You look like you can take care of yourself." Yeah, speak for yourself, Audrey. This relationship might not be entirely symbiotic. She glanced at Alvaro, before turning back to Danny. "Seriously, this game is all sorts of fucked-up. We want to be able to take care of our own and, like, not become murderers. Right?" She lightly punched his shoulder. "Besides, we could listen to some kickass music in that CD player of yours, right? Who else has that?"
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