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keep running yoshi
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((Ben Fields continued from Rare Footage of Jerry Worried))

So much for the plan. Fucking Fury’s namesake was all in his feet. He'd jogged out of sight before Ben could even get one foot off the ground, vanished behind a couple of buildings. The sound of his sneaks had long since faded away.

That one definitely looked lame as fuck to viewers tuning in. Ol’ Spiky with the big mouth and the bigger plan couldn’t even keep his comrade in sight. Not for a lack of trying, he'd hustled off to where he logically concluded Jerry could have gone. Mossy concrete walls for his troubles. Ben should have run faster, he had the capacity for more this sad ass tween girl shuffle. But even now he seemed to prefer to mosey along instead.

In theory he’d figured he had to conserve energy. Keep hands off his rations as long as he could, keep his expenditures thrifty. He couldn’t help but think a bit off the cuff, though. Something soft and vulnerable he was trying to keep out of his brainwaves. The exposed jugular of existential bullshit.

He was making excuses.

A camera caught Ben right where the frame melted into off screen. Right when a distant tolling caught his neck stiff. It was right around the corner of this wall. The sound echoed from some other part of the island, some kinda chime like a 'roided up dinner bell. Fucking ominous sound, even sheltered behind the corner of what appeared to be a library. The noise would probably draw a lot of faces, and Ben didn’t know if those faces would be friendly. He still needed to think that one over. Fast as he could, whatever relevant conclusions he could possibly produce. If he even had any. Ben exhaled, briefly and sharply. Right. No working plan. He at least needed a place to go. His eyes traced right down the contour of the building he was flanking. No doors, only windows and the bookshelves shying away from them. Beale ripoff could be safely ignored, Ben figured. He’d need to go around.

So he got to it. Kept as aware of his surroundings as was possible, with brisk swivels of his head. Sort of thing he’d been quietly preparing for when he’d wanted to join the army. Good shit.

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