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((Maxim Kehlenbrink continued from The Land Across))

There were buildings up ahead, quite a few. An entire compound, really. Not exactly what he'd have considered inviting, but just about lifeless enough to make him consider the possibility of them not being 'inhabited' yet. Some of them, at least.

Maxim wiped some sweat off his brow and checked his bag to make sure nothing would fall out for the umpteenth time now. He was being paranoid, of course he was, but it was better to be safe than sorry. Or how Lenin had put it: Trust is good, control is better. Yes, he much preferred that saying, the former had always struck him as rather plump, ugly sounding really. Though fancy words weren't going to get him out of this, unfortunately.

Upon closer inspecting the compound from afar, he decided the best way to approach it was to take the way around it, alongside the exterior walls of the buildings. If he could avoid being seen, then he'd do so, no question.

He didn't know how many minutes had passed. To him, it had seemed like at least ten, though he knew it was probably far less than that. Maybe he was being too careful for his own good. If he kept moving at that speed, every possible hiding spot would be long discovered and taken by the time he reached them. Then again, as long as he remained unspotted, he had no reason to complain.

Maxim had moved around the backside of several buildings now, passed a single smaller shack or lodge of some sort on his way. He had ignored it, despite his curiosity almost getting the better of him. A small place like that stood out far too much for it to be a safe haven where nobody would find him. So he had continued his path, lurking next to those gigantic blocks of concrete, until something peculiar breached the silence and almost made him trip out of surprise.

Somewhere on that godforsaken island, bells had started to ring.
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