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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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Jasmine watched as Lily walked out of the library. After that? Nothing. Jasmine just stood there. Let the silence drown her. The white noise settling over the library made her ears buzz.

The scared part of her mind wanted to go after Lily. She didn't know if Lily was trustworthy, or whether or not she wanted company. She didn't even know Lily all that well back home. Jasmine just didn't want to be alone. But she could not run after Lily. Something in her mind weighed her feet down and diamonized the rest of her body. No matter how much she wanted to, she could not move. It was that part of her brain that made her anxious in crowded areas or made her stammer and look like an idiot whenever she was talking to someone cute. She didn't know why, it just was.

Eventually her body laxed. She could move again. And the first thing she did was fall back onto the floor and curl up in around the same spot she woke up in.

Crying was understandable. She could cry as much as she wanted, because as far as she knew she was alone. No one could see her, nobody was around to judge. It did not occur to her that the numerous cameras around the library were very much working and were recording every little thing she was doing. Nothing really occurred to her.

Nothing, save for the pair of arms that wrapped around her, encased her.

Jasmine knew who it was. And as much as she wanted to chastize herself, because she was really being childish at this point, she couldn't. Truth be told she was thankful for that hug. It did nothing to stop the torrent of tears and a dribble of snot rolling down her top lip, but the embrace was warm, she even felt a squeeze.

The hug could not stop Jasmine Reed from crying her heart out like a stupid idiot.

Even so. It was nice, knowing she wasn't truly alone.

(Jasmine Reed continued in Helvetica Standard.)
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