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“I hadn’t planned on it, no. For all we know, the tower might be automated to ring every now and again.” Granted, everything else seemed in terrible condition, but the terrorists had clearly done a sweep of the island, judging by the missing equipment in the library and the missing parts from these controls. They could have rigged the bell to ring sometimes, just for fun.

Lily looked up from her map and eyed Lili for a few moments, sizing her up. If she did attack, it wouldn’t spell immediate doom. She had a nightstick, and she was skinny. Maybe even more so than Lily, although she was taller. And Lily’s weapon, improvised that it was, was sharper. A nightstick was not designed to kill, just to subdue.

She still wouldn’t be letting Lili within reaching distance if she could help it, but this was a milder danger.

“You may sit down, if you like,” Lily said, gesturing at the other chair. “But if you could not linger in the doorway? I’m not comfortable with the exit being blocked. No offence meant to you directly.”

Besides, Lily was too obviously a good target on her own, and she was still a little out of breath from traveling here. As a long-term companion, she didn’t know Lili well enough. Not enough to trust her while she was sleeping. But just for a few minutes? That was a different matter.
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