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I used to be a handler like you, then I turned into a horse.
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"And what a shame that'd be."

As casually as a game of long toss in practise, he fished out a bottle and flicked it to her, letting it curve in the air softly enough she wouldn't have any trouble catching it. Before it even finished its journey, he had one in his own hand and popped off the little plastic cap with a flick of his wrist. Water wet his lips and rushed down his parched throat in a great gulping torrent, while a sigh of relief could be heard even through the bottle.

Crisanto was something of a religious water-drinker, to the surprise of some. Drink at a party? At least two glasses of water for every shot of booze. Coming down off a high? Break out the Poland Spring. Game day wraps up? Bet your ass he was hitting the water tank. Hydration was king, you could go weeks without food but only a couple days without water, and with his physically active lifestyle out in this damned desert his internals could dry up like the Sahara if neglected.

Besides, it meant that in all his parties, he'd not once woken up with a hangover. A real godsend, that, especially on rare pregame party nights. He'd coached friends through enough of those he wanted to make damn sure he avoided it himself. Within seconds, his bottle was empty, and rather than litter - what kind of animal did people think he was? - he stuffed it back in the pack and fetched another.

This time his sips were gentler, and he stepped into the shadow cast by the wall of rock next to them, letting out a contented little noise at the cool stone against his back. While he drank, his eyes roamed up and down Jane's body as they had done many a time before. He still wasn't at all bored of the view.

"Feel any better?"
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