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"I mean, I might as well check," Lili answered, "Just in case." Lili didn't think that her real reason - that she just felt drawn to the tower, as if pulled by an invisible force - would be appreciated. As far as she knew, Lily was a very rational, studious person, and she wouldn't take too kindly to that kind of answer. It was a bit of a cop-out, either way.

She noticed Lily going back to pick up her map, and thought about where someone like Lily would want to go. The girl was smaller than her, and being the rational thinker she was she would probably want to find somewhere to hide and wait the game out for a little while. If Lili was smart like that, she would be doing the same thing. Instead, she was drifting around Spiderland like a paper bag caught in the wind, blowing back and forth until eventually snagging on a pole or coming to rest on the ground.

And paper bags tear easily, after all.

"I'm guessing you heard the bell earlier," Lili replied, "I'm guessing you aren't planning on checking that out?"

If she was going to drift, she might as well keep Lily company, right? Birds of a feather flock together, and the two were but one feather apart. Sure, it was kind of a stupid reason, but at this point Lili was worried that being alone wasn't going to be good for her health.

But maybe being alone was what she needed after all. Everyone she had met so far had messed with her in some way or another, so what was the point in seeking out more people? They'd just toss her to the side, or try to take advantage of her apparent weakness, or point more weapons in her face. Spiderland wasn't just full of scared, dangerous strangers, it was full of scared and dangerous enemies. Hadn't Lili learned her lesson by now? She had never been one to socialize, so why was she so desperate for company now? A band of pain swept across the back of her head. She needed a cigarette, and she didn't think Lily would have one on her. Nobody was being of any help to her, and everyone seemed to be out to get her.

She just wanted to prove that narrative wrong. She wanted to prove herself wrong.

"It's probably not best to go over there, anyway," Lili remarked dryly, "Just makes it easier for the people playing."
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